Sunday, September 4, 2016

Goodnight Sweetheart

 Along with Till Death Us Do Part, Porridge, and the bloody awful "remake" of Are You Being Served, the BBC have added Goodnight Sweetheart...  The difference between them though is Goodnight Sweetheart works.
 You see Goodnight Sweetheart still has the same writers, and indeed the same CAST, it's picking up 23 years on from where it left off, and thats a big difference from trying to re-hash an old series by updating it but with new characters, or worse... Much much worse, remaking it with new cast but trying to pretend it's the same people, no names no pack drill... (Cough!!! are you being served cough!)
 Yes the cast have changed a bit, Gary (Nicholas Lyndhurst) has aged a lot.  Phoebe (Elizibeth Carling) has aged and gained some weight.  Yvonne (Emma Amos) has gained a little weight.   Ron (Victor McGuire) has gained a LOT of weight and lost some hair.   Reg (Christopher Ettridge) has well... actually he looks exactly the bloody same as he did in 1993... Lucky bastard.
 Ok the program didn't make me rupture a lung laughing, but then the original series was never hilariously funny either, it was more a play on words or wit, but it did have those moments that make a program great, it was a bit funny, but it was also just a tiny bit moving in places, and this seems to have the same thing.  This could actually work as a series.  If nothing else it was nice seeing the old faces again.

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