Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The mind v the body

 Theres no getting away from the fact I'm getting older, indeed we all are, trouble is in my mind I'm not getting older.  Well yes I suppose technically it's getting older, and my memory isn't as good as it was but my mind still thinks I'm young.
 In the good old days we used to race the Para's up and down Pen-y-fan, and we took the long way around, still every time we were at the burger van with a burger in one hand and a mug of tea in the other when they arrived (and para's are fit tough soldiers) mind I was seriously fit in those days... Ands thats where the trouble starts. 
 You see my mind is saying "yeah lets have some of that, lets race the Para's over the Fan" but my body is saying " fuck off you daft old bastard, your too knackered to stay awake while Criminal Minds is on, you couldn't run for a bus"  I just need to get my head around not being able to do the things I could when I was younger.  Still at least I can remember where I put my cup.....  Oh bugger where is it?

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