Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Well we did have our meal.. eventually

 As I mentioned in an earlier post it was my dear mums birthday yesterday and at half six I was still waiting to find out what was happening.
 The problem was the last few times we've gone to the Dylan Thomas in Llansamlet. Now while the food is nice and you get a decent helping, theres not a massive range of choices, that and last time we were there there was a children's party with a lot of very noisy people and children running wild in there, and the same people were there again when my brother called in, so thats the end of going there.  The song the wheels on your house go around and around comes to mind
 There was a suggestion of the grape and olive at the top of the tower in the marina, but neither my mum or my brother are good with heights (which makes no sense when he went up the twin towers in New York)
 I suggested Smokehaus in Swansea, but again the range of food is a bit limited for my mum, although I'd love to go there myself and my youngest son goes fairly often.
 My mum didn't want to go too far from home Llansamlet... so we ended up in... Mumbles, about as far away as we could get locally without our bloody passports. We ended up in Castellmare by Braclet bay in mumbles. Not the cheapest place about but to be fair the food and service were excelent. My brother and my son both had steak, and for once it was cooked properly medium rare, all too often steak is overcooked.  I had chicken and that was lovely too. The food appeares to be proper fresh made stuff not just bought in a packet like some places
 The big issue though was we didn't get home till nearly eleven, we didn't start eating till gone eight.

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