Sunday, February 21, 2016

Finding Bigfoot (well not finding it really)

 I was channel hopping last night trying to find something to watch (and loosing the will to live) Why is it that with several hundred channels all I can even find on is old episodes of Porridge, Dads Army or Discovery programs I watched in 1987. 
 Anyway I stumbled across Finding Bigfoot, or to be more precise Not Finding Bigfoot.  Now I've commented on this series before but it really does my head in. Why walk through the woods knocking trees and shouting? Thats not the way to see nature, trust me it's not.  You need to move quietly or better still sit and wait for nature to think you've gone.
 Then theres their night vision gear.  It's being paid for by the tv company, so why use crap old IR lit night vision.  Buy the latest generation 4 stuff, the difference is amazing, it's like being there in daylight.... And thats another point!  Almost all the sighting are in daylight or dusk, so why go looking at night in the first place?  
 Monkeys and other primates tend to be more active during daylight, yes it's true they do forage after dark sometimes but thats been found to be a response to avoiding other groups who operate in the same area in daylight, Bigfoot communities probably don't have that problem as there can't be many of them.

 So here is a serious offer Discovery.  Pay for me and my team (no not Billy the dog I'm being serious for a minute) to travel to a lightly Bigfoot hot spot, provide us the right kit and I'll lead my team into the woods for a few weeks (one night is just being bloody silly Discovery) we'll need to be resupplied maybe once a week or so depending on conditions but we'll carry out a proper real search for bigfoot.  If it exists and if it's in the area we'll find it or proper signs of it.... But them we won't be crashing through the woods like a childrens dance group, and we know how to hide and how to find people who are trying to hide from us... like Bigfoot...   Real serious offer.

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