Sunday, February 7, 2016

I've just about given up with American tv series.

 I have just about given up with American tv series.  Seriously what is it with them.  A 12 part series take 18 weeks because theres a gap of a week or two every few episodes.
 Then theres the false danger/cliff-hanger bullshit just before every advert break, you know the sort of stuff. Dramatic music, Fred climbs over the edge of a small drop, noise of something falling.  Harry starts shouting "Fred! Fred! Are you ok, what happened, are you alive?"  Then long dramatic pause and Fred sticks his head up and say "Yes I'm ok, my shoelace snapped" or some utter crap nonsense rubbish.  Don't they realise if the program is so boring they need that it's time to stop making the program.
 Then we have the "catch-up" shit after every advert break, the first five minutes of the next segment is showing what happened in the shit fake exciting climax before the adverts... What the fuck!  How long do they think peoples memories are, even a fucking mayfly with Alzheimer's disease can remember what happened before the bloody adverts! It was four fucking minutes ago for Gods sake.
 Now the latest craze is replacing the stars, One series I watch (or used to) has changed both the stars three times, each time for the worst. Come-on guys give it up.
 Rant over.....

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