Sunday, February 14, 2016

Oh Joy a Christening.... yeahhh! (sarcasm alert)

 Oh Joy a Christening.  I am going to a sort of family Christening today... on pain of death. 
 Now it's not that I don't like children, indeed I love my own very much, but why do people think I want to spend time with their children? 
 Older children are not too bad, at least you can talk to them and they can be half sensible.. well occasionally.  But younger children annoy me, I was glad to see mine grow up, why the hell would I want to see someone else have a hissy-fit.
 Having worked in a studio and having to photograph the little blighter was bad enough, doing it for "fun" is barmy.  I have a mate with a studio, lots of his work is with children, he must have the patience's of a saint, a few years of that and I'd be up on a murder charge..
 And that brings me to the Christening, yes it's great for the parents, but for others and a photographer it's a pain in the backside. First I have to go to church, and I'm not the most religious bloke you'll meet, then theres the hassle of trying to take pics of a crying baby in the darkest church in Europe (Guinness book of records confirmation waiting)  With the vicar probably moaning about flash ruining his grotty pitch black church.  Well take the bloody wood off the windows and I won't need flash, what is it with vicars, are they all vampires and have to stay out of the light?

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