Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Hindenburg explodes comedy series

 The Hindenburg explodes is a new comedy series by Rob Corddry. Featuring camp Nazis, an escaped Egyptian mummy, a time traveller,  the Wright brothers (Wilbur had died 25 years before this is set) and a bonkers captain, who's related to the Red Baron.
 On paper it sounds like it might be funny... Well if you manage to forget that 36 people died when LZ129 the Hindenburg crashed in flames on May the 6th 1937.
 In fact it's about as funny as trying to bite a savage pit bulls nose.  The graphics are so bad a 9 year old  could do better on instagram, the script is grim, and the acting looks like an amateur dramatic production in a local village hall. ( a small village full of idiots)

Waynes rating 0/10 Give it a miss and boil your head for more fun....

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