Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas all!

 Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas !

 So whats been happening with me, well I've had my first speeding ticket in something like 45 years... and it's not for a car I own, it's for my old car that was caught speeding after it was sold, but as the DVLA can take up to 4 weeks to catch up so I get the ticket!

 We've hammered the oversize turkey into the oven  (I said it was too big but nobody bloody listened)  My brothers spent £40 on a beef joint and £20 on bloody gravy, seriously, £20 worth of gravy will last us years! Most of the time I don't even have gravy.

 My tree is finally up (thanks Shirley) but then I went and spoiled it by buying a new tree after Shirley spent ages putting the old one up.  So the new trees going to have to wait till next year... I've been told I'm dead if I take the old one down to change them over now.

 I've finally packed all my Christmas presents and yes I did use duct tape on two of them, but in my defence it wasn't because I ran out of sellotape it was because I need to hold cardboard packing together.

So thats it for me for now.  Have a lovely Christmas everybody.

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