Saturday, December 10, 2016

MacGyver... Why!

 While looking for something else I stumbled across the 2016 remake version of the TV series MacGyver.
 Now those of you who were around in the late 80's and early 90's will probably remember the original series which stared Richard Dean Anderson (later to star in Stargate SG1) the long hair and shoulder pads.  Well the new series isn't going to be as memorable, trust me.
 You see while the original concept was very clever and worked in the 1980's, people have moved on.  In the original series MacGyver would bodge a small aircraft together with his shirt and some duct tape, and that was different, people didn't carry gadgets then.
 Now however he's trying to rescue someone with a pliers and some speaker wire.... Except most Americans are walking around with several guns, and a bowie knife or two these days. People are more prepared, and a lot more carry a weapon, especially in today's troubled times.
All of which leaves the unarmed MacGyver looking a bit... well silly really.
 Nice try guys but just remaking something because your lazy isn't always the answer.

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