Thursday, December 15, 2016

Parking fairies at work again....

 Yesterday I went into Swansea to get some Christmas shopping, sadly the parking fairies were with me.
 When I go into Swansea I usually park in the UCI car park, it's free and quick and easy to get to, if thats full I use the car park by the LC1, that is until yesterday.
 Lets park in St Davids car park I get told, it's nearer the quadrent.  Yes it is nearer the quadrent if you discount the 3 mile drive around Swansea to fucking get to it. Then the hassle trying to get a car a full metre longer than the average space parked without leaving half of it sticking out.
 The bit that really pisses me off though is the fact it took the best part of 20 minutes and 3 miles to get 75 metres bloody closer to the bastard quadrent than the car park by the LC1.
 I really wish people would let me park MY bloody car where it suits me!!!!!!!

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