Friday, April 1, 2016

Time. (rant!)

 Why does everything take so bloody long, seriously.  Why!
 Today the plumber was coming to fix a badly leaking tap, it's a five minute job for a competent plumber, so they told me it'll be between 8 and 3.30, bit of a pain to hang about but the water is pouring out of the tap so we are turning the water off at the stop tap in case.  At 2.30 they ring up and say he cant come now as he's got his hand stuck in a soil pipe.  WTF?  What kind of plumber gets his hand stuck in a bloody pipe, and do I want him "fixing" a leaky tap in my house.
 So as someone else is now coming this evening I nipped out to pick up my prescription from the surgery and pop it in the chemist, while I'm at the surgery I get my mothers magazines and 2 slices of ham for tea.  How long will that take, half hour?  40 minutes maybe?  No, I takes a fucking hour and a half.
 First off there was a twat parked in the middle of the road dropping someone off, 5 minutes of my life gone due to a brainless prick.  Then another 5 minutes just getting into the car park by the surgery as theres another moron who cant drive blocking the whole place up while they look up reverse gear in the cars handbook.
 Then the surgery itself... Well nobody in reception (surprise surprise)  the reason it's called fucking reception is because your supposed to receive people, having them wait while you piss about in the back room with a cuppa and a muffin is not receiving people.
 So then off to the chemist... what could go wrong here... well quite a lot actually, first I wait... and wait some more, then after waiting a bit longer he gives me my perscription, I get home to find 3 boxes of tables I've never seen before. Another half hour on the phone and I find out the consultant has decided I need these after my recent blood test (still had a bit of blood left) Of course no bastard could be bothered to actually go so far as to tell me, or tell me what they are for, luckly for me I happen know what these tables are for, and I know I probably shouldn't be taking them with my other tablets... So now I'm still trying to talk to someone marginally higher up the food chain than the laboratory test rat and find out if it's bloody ssfe for me to take them.  Silly fuckers.

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