Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Finding Bigfoot (supernatural bigfoot)

 OMG!  WTF!  Well not Finding Bigfoot reached a new low this week. 
 Combining a team of paranormal investigators and the Finding Bigfoot team they ask the question is bigfoot a ghost, or trans-dimensional being or even an alien.
 Never have I heard so much utter bollocks spouted by people claiming to be investigators.  Theres a woman who speaks Sasquatch (no honestly I kid you not)  Then theres a medium that can speak to bigfoot and get them to answer questions (curiously they understand English) Theres a bloke in a cave who goes into the Sasquatch alien underground base in a volcano (in his mind)  I thought it was only Bond villains that lived in secret lairs in volcano's but hey you live and learn.
 Seriously it was terrible, total rubbish, if this is the way the series is going the cast better start looking for day jobs.

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