Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Beast of Baglan

 Now I know over the years I've posted a few.... Errr, lets be kind and say suspect pictures....  But just for a minute I'm being serious here.
 I'd been out shooting some video in the woods near where I live, I'd run the battery out in the video camera and was making my way back home just before sunset. Walking down the track I see what looks like a bit black Labrador in front of me, maybe 70 or 80 yards away.  Now I didn't take too much notice, it's common to see dog walkers about there, I expected someone to come around the bend behind it.
 Thats when it got weird, the "dog" turned side on and I could see it was a cat, a big cat, it ran into the overgrown wood's on my right (it had crossed left to right) I didn't see any signs of it when I got to the spot it had crossed the track.
 Now I cane all the way home without seeing another person, so no dog walker, and I've never seen an unaccompanied dog there anyway.  Besides I'd got a reasonable look at it and it was definitely a cat of some sort.  
 It was big and dark coloured, either black or dark brown, and moved like a cat.
 Now over the years theres been a number of sighting, this is the first time I've seen anything like it.
 Like I said at the start, I'm being serious here, I know roughly where it crossed the track and roughly the time, when I get chance I'm going to go back and stake out the spot, just in case it's got a regular route.

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