Friday, April 8, 2016

The law is a bit silly if not quite an ass.

 Unless you've been dead you'll have seen on the news the fuss about a British celebrity who's partner has had a threesome, the person can't be named or for that matter one of the other people involved in the threesome can't even name them self, despite the fact they were the one who told the press.  If they publish their own name they are in contempt of court and face jail. 
 The reason is simple, one of the people involved has obtained an injunction.
 What makes it silly is despite not even being able to name his/her self in the UK, the names of all the parties concerned can be published abroad freely.
 I fail to see the logic here, I don't know what century the judge lives in but it doesn't appear to be the same twenty first century I'm in.  I have things like tv and the internet, I can read papers from all over the world, I can see news from all over the world.  Why a celebrity and two judges think British people wont find out who the people concerned are when they can be named abroad (and even in Scotland) is baffling.  I mean do they really think people wont find out?  The secrecy actually makes it worst, I couldn't care less about some celeb having a threesome (what goes on in your house is your business) but once I was told British people can't be told I was dead courious. 
 You know what I live in Britain and it took me all of 30 seconds to find out who it was, now I'm not daft enough to name them here, the laws the law and contempt of court is a serious thing.  But you know what, I have a lot less respect for the people concerned for trying to cover this up, not because of the threesome bit. because they are stupid enough to think British people wont find out who they are.

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