Thursday, March 31, 2016

Guy Martins wall of death.

 Billed as the big exciting Easter weekend tv spectacular it had a lot to live up to, sadly it failed.  Not That Guy Martin didn't get the world record, he did, and he made it look fairly easy.
 The problems for me were firstly it was really boring to watch, way too much "padding" and countless advert breaks ruined the actual record breaking bit, but more importantly (for me) was the fact it's wasn't a wall of death as we know it.
 The problem with going fast on the wall of death is gravity, or G force, the faster you go around in a circle on the wall the more the blood runs down towards your feet, after about 5-ish G people start to loose vision or even pass out, about 7-ish G is about the limit for continuous G force for any length of time. As that is affected by the diameter of the circle what the did was make the wall bigger, and thats where I have a problem, a traditional wall of death is about 50/60 foot across (it's part of a traveling fair) Guy Martins was 40 metres across.
 So if I build one a 150 metres across I can go faster with a lot less G force, so at what point does it get silly and it's not really a traditional wall of death, just a bloody big wall, people used to drive around banked racing circuits at well over a 100 mph, does that count, (Guy got a little over 78mph) they are still on a sort of wall.
 Do it properly please Guy, use the wall you trained on, a proper wall of death.

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