Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fake paranormal programs

 There seems to be a lot of  fake paranormal programs on at the moment, I was channel hopping the last night and came across loads.
 The really sad part is theres no attempt to make any kind of serious investigation, they are just total bullshit.
 First they are always filmed in the dark (almost all ghost sighting are in daylight)  Secondly the people doing the "investigation" are all about as nervous as a chicken at a snake convention. They jump at every sound, even when there isn't actually a sound as well.  I mean are these really the right people for the job?  Or the only actors daft enough to take the job.
 Then we have them saying stuff like... "did you see that shadow"  What bloody shadow you morons, your filming in total bloody darkness with a crap quality night vision camera, you need a fucking light source to have a shadow, or didn't you do physics at acting school?

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