Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Whats super about bloody super glue?

Seriously! the stuff is almost useless. Over the years I've used it dozens of times, the only thing it's really stuck in that time is my fingers. Oh I did once manage to glue a flashgun to my office desk, sadly the bit I was gluing on the flashgun never stuck, although it was quite happy to stick the same plastic to the desk.
Now I know the stuff is great for gluing skin, indeed that was it's main use early on, it's 'super' for closing wounds, but now it's marketed as a fix all glue, and it's really not good at other stuff.
I wouldn't have tried to repair my glasses with it but I'd run out of evostick (miles better) anyway the arm isn't back on my glasses, but I'm very still attached to them....... in a gluey sort of way.

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