Saturday, July 5, 2014

The devils rock 2011 (film review)

I know it's not a recent film but as I couldn't sleep last night due to the pain from my back I watched this to pass the time.
The film is a war/horror cross.
Set in the Channel Islands on the eve of D Day, two Kiwi commandos, sent to destroy German gun emplacements to distract Hitler's forces away from Normandy, discover a Nazi occult plot to unleash demonic forces to win the war.'
The film has the military stuff about right (near enough anyway) and it's an interesting mix of war and horror.  Most of the war horror films tend to feature zombie Nazis, thankfully this one doesn't, a far more interesting twist on the horror side (don't want to give too much away)
Anyway I enjoyed it, the locations were great (New Zealand) and the acting pretty good for a horror film.
Wayne rating 7 out of 10  Worth a watch

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