Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Doctor Who new series starts August (warning spoiler alert)

The new series of Doctor Who kicks off in August in about a months time. 
The first episode Deep Breath see the new Doctor Peter Capaldi dazed and confused recovering from regeneration. The episode also reunites some old friends, Clara the companion played By Jenna Louise Coleman, Vastra played by Neve Mcintosh, Strax played by Dan Starky, and Jenny played by Catrin Stewart. 
The episode also features some old enemies, the clockwork androids from a previous (David Tennant series) the girl in the fireplace, and a somewhat out of place T-Rex (well not an enemy really) set in Victorian London the series kicks off to an exciting start.
Whether Capaldi will work as the doctor remains to be seen, for me he's spoiled by having been in the series before as a different character, Caecillus in the fires of Pompeii, but I'll give it some time before making up my mind finally.

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