Wednesday, June 25, 2014

University of Massachusetts lowell madness!

The university of Massachusetts Lowell appears to be encouraging students and staff to hack your pin number.  Yes stupid or what!  You'd think a world famous university would discourage it's students and staff from becoming criminals, but they appear to be doing the opposite!
Professor Xinwen Lu of the university has developed a program that worked with Google glass (google= we want all your data) to read your pin number from 3 meters away, and it'll work with other smart phone too.
The professor is going to show the system off at the Blackhat hackers convention.
Now why a reputable university would fund such research is questionable, you have to wonder their motives, personally if I was dean the professor would be looking for a new job tomorrow. 
After all even the suggestion the university is encouraging hacking is worrying, time for the FBI to get involved I think

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