Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Swansea city centre

Well what a total shambles.  Every year for as long as I can remember Swansea city council allow the roads to be dug up on the approach to the city at the busiest time.  This means every year at the busiest time of the summer the roads into Swansea are jammed solid, so bad that a lot of people simply avoid Swansea altogether now, I do, and I live near the city.
Honestly it's total madness, I sometime wonder if the road works in Swansea are sponsered by Cardiff chamber of trade, they members must make a fortune out of all the people who now go to Cardiff to shop because they can't get into Swansea.
Why in the name of all thats holy don't the silly sods do it at a quite time of year, not bloody Christmas and the middle of summer.  And come to that why does the same road need to be dug up twice a bloody year anyway, how crap a job must they be doing if it only lasts 6 months? The roman roads are still around centuries later, with all the clever tech we have now Jersey Marine lasta few months.  Maybe time to get some Roman labour to fix the fucking road properly?

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