Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tony Blair

It's hard to watch Tony Blair stand there and with a straight face tell us the the problems in Iraq are not our fault, well he's partly right, it's his fault not ours.  His disastrous invasion of Iraq in March 2003 and the destabilising of the country is totally to blame.
The excuse for the invasion was based on A Iraq was behind 9/11and B Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, both fatally flawed.  As it turned out and was well known at the time 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabians (as was Bin Laden) and Saddam Hussein would have nothing to do with Bin Laden.  As for the weapons of mass destruction, well they simply never existed (as was also known at the time) I remember laughing out loud when Blair came on TV and told us we were at a 45 minute risk of missile attack with chemical warheads.
Errr how exactly was that supposed to happen then Tony?  The Scud missile that so terrified our government isn't quite as scary to me as it sounds, you see the missile has a maximum range of.....  340 miles.... yes that's right 340 miles, and Iraq is... 2538 miles away.   So a slight problem for the 45 minute missile theory, I mean if the Iraqis launched from France maybe just maybe they could hit us, remember they had trouble hitting Israel the country next door, and the version they were using was home modified (bodged) and had a lot of failures to boot.
If he really believes we're not at fault then frankly he probably need professional help, the reason most of these middle eastern countries have tyrant leaders is because they've learnt that it's what it takes to manage those countries, centuries of war have taught them that.  It simply doesn't work with a western type govenment.

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