Saturday, June 14, 2014

New window design fail

I've got nice new double glazed windows, the problem is opening the bloody things! 
You see the genius who designed them fitted the windows with two small catches.  You open the window about 6 inches and it stops, to open it further you push two small green tabs (in the window rebate) and then push the window open further.
It's designed that way to stop small children opening the window wide and getting out  Now the fact I haven't got small children, or that small children will get through the original gap doesn't seem to have occurred to the designer.
The idea behind the green tabs is so I can open the window in say a the event of a fire and still get out by opening it wider. 
The problem is thats not going to happen. You see for that to work first you have to open the window until it stops, then you have to find the two small green tabs (really quite small and well up in the gap, one on each side of the window)   Now the tricky bit, you have to press and hold both tabs before you can open the window further, then using your third hand you push the window open wider while holding the two tabs in......  Trouble is I, like most people I know only have two fucking hands to start with.  So unless the window was designed for octopus's to use.... 
Ok thats a bit unlikely I'll grant you but you get the point, opening the window is pretty much a two person job, now try doing that in the dark on your own after just being woken up by a fire and you get some idea of the problem.

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