Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oh Joy! It's Wimbledon (hint of sarcasm)

Yes Oh joy Wimbledon is starting!  (trying to sound enthusiastic) Oh God Wimbledon is starting! ( actually sounding really pissed off)  
We've had the world cup, then queens tennis now more of the BBC's obsession with sport. Weeks of people paying too much for strawberries and overpaid twits hitting a ball back and fro, sometimes even getting it over the net, and lets not forget the grunting, that's essential!  Of course they didn't used to do it but now it seems tennis is a bloody noisy sport, makes the formula one grand prix sound quiet!
Even worse half the breakfast news is now more twits standing in the empty centre court telling us it's Wimbledon time again..... Errr we noticed, you mention it every 45 seconds, and lets not forget your a news program not a sports program, so how about some news that doesn't involve tennis.... there is real news isn't there?  Come on there must be some real news?  What honestly, theres no news just Wimbledon?  What no terrorists in Iraq?, No missing jumbo jets?  No?  Ok then it's bloody tennis I guess.
Thank goodness for Al Jazerra, a news program with NO BLOODY TENNIS!

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