Monday, July 3, 2017

The operatives tv show

 Well whilst looking for something to watch I came across an episode of this series.
 The idea is highly trained ex military eco warriors help endangered wildlife....  Where do I start.
 In the episode I saw they "team" kayak 12 miles to an island looking for endangered tigers. The island is guarded by Chinese patrol boats.  Fist problem, if the island is guarded how the tigers on an uninhabited island in danger? 
 They used kayaks to be super stealthy, yet on the island they set up orange tents and light a fire which they keep going for FIVE days. Yeah way to go being stealthy guys.
 All they do when they get there is set up 8 camera traps and wait 5 days to see what they take pictures of.
 Finally on the last day before going home we see them getting ready to leave the jungle covered  island they've spent 5 days on... Except, they are all spotlessly clean, clean clothes, hair neat. After 5 days in the jungle?  No way. Remember they only had 2 double kayaks to carry all the kit, shelter, 5 days rations for 4 men, and the cameras etc, not much room for showers or clean clothes.
 Sorry guys, too fake for me.  The jungle they were in was probably the hotel grounds.

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