Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Quickfit... fit-up more like

 My son had a leaking rear wheel brake cylinder on the weekend, so he took it to Quickfit. BIG mistake. Quickfit wanted £840, needless to say I'd warned my son before he went there so he walked away.
 It seems Quickfit can't just replace the rubbers on a leaking wheel cylinder, they have to replace the cylinder itself, on both sides, then the brake drum because it's contaminated by brake fluid (so bloody wash it off twats) and the pads on both sides.
 Now fair enough on the leaking side, and yes it's good practice to change both at the same time but he didn't want them all done. He came in for a simple quick repair.
And of course it didn't stop there, oh no. Shitfix wanted to do both the front brakes as well, new pads ect.

 So what they actually did was talk themselves out of doing the original job that actually needed doing.
 NEVER TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO QUICKFIX!!!   Just check the web if you don't believe me. Better still watch the watchdog video on youtube

 He never did get the brakes done, the car was old and tatty anyway, not even worth the £840 they wanted to fix the brakes.
 So he just got a new car, job done!

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