Saturday, July 1, 2017

The joy of public transport... No wait!

The joy of public transport... No wait, joy isn't the right word. Terrible, abysmal, diabolical, fucking terrible... Yes thats it, fucking terrible!
 I'll start at the beginning. It was was my local airshow today, so to save the hassle and expense of parking I made the mistake of hopping onto public transport. Frankly I'd have been better off taking a wander around the reactor in Chernobyl, that would have been more fun.
 I had to wait 20 minutes for the bus to come, then there were no seats due to half the seats being blocked by buggies with screaming children in them, and about half the remaining sets taken up by young children small enough to sit on mums lap.  One was busy peeling off all the stickers he could reach, no smoking, give up these seats to the elderly etc, in between his sister kept on ringing the bell.
 The bus was boiling hot and crammed full of standing people. How the hell is this allowed in our health and safety world, people standing up at 40mph, what happens to them if it hits something?
 On the way home it was quieter but I had an hours wait on a bloody uncomfortable metal seat in the bus station.
 Use public transport we are told, save the planet by leaving the car at home.  Bollocks to the planet mate, I'm using the bloody car next time.

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