Thursday, July 6, 2017

Screwfix... Shitfix more like

 Twice I've been to Screwfix and both times I've had problems buying simple items. Thats my lot NEVER again will I visit any of their Shitfix outlets (and I'm not the only one saying it either)
 This time I was trying to buy a bulb, honestly how hard can that be. Plenty hard enough if your stupid enough to go to Shitfix. 
 The problem is to sell you a bulb they need a few details.  Your name address postcode, life history, DNA sample, cats shoe size etc. It's needed in case you have to return the item she said. I pointed out UK consumer law is very clear, all you need is a valid receipt.
 I don't want my details on their bloody computer to be sold on or stolen, nor do they need my details to sell me a bulb.  Same as they didn't last time I went to one of their branches to buy 12 inches of fucking chain.
 Well screwfix they reason you don't get my money is because I don't like playing twenty questions to buy something simple, the only reason I went there the second time was because I was more or less passing. Next time and every other times I've bought stuff I'll give my money to somebody who want to sell me stuff the old way, in exchange for cash! No questions asked.

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