Thursday, April 6, 2017

Morriston Hospital! What a shambles.

 I had to take my mother to Morriston hospital again yesterday for a routine visit. Every time I go to this hospital I end up leaving stressed and annoyed.  Frankly the whole place is a total shambles.
 Before my mother got her own wheelchair we'd have to use one from the hospital, that was assuming you could actually find one and it was fit to use, half the ones we managed to find were unfit to be used due to things like faulty brakes or missing foot pads.
 Then theres the check in system, I use the word system loosely, first you check in the foyer, then you wait there, after a few dozen names are shown on badly places monitors your told to go to the next waiting area, but you have to check in there as well. Why? you've already checked in once, how inefficient is their system that you need to tell them you've gone to the next room that they just told you to go to, and why not send you there in the first place.
 Finally the icing on the cake, the parking, well parking doesn't do it justice, total fucking awful shambles comes closer.  It's seriously fucking chaos. People are parking literally anywhere, in loading bays, in ambulance bays, on the pavements, down the middle of the aisles in the car parks stopping people who have managed to part properly from getting their cars out. On the corners, even on the pedestrian crossing, I kid you not.
The problem is the morons who "run" the NHS centralized a lot of units at Morriston, added lots of new building but didn't bother to think that people visiting the hospital have cars so the car parking space is totally inadequate for the numbers now using the hospital.
 Seriously Morriston Hospital, get it sorted it's not a joke, frankly it's a bloddy dangerous situation and very akward for the poor bastards who have to use your joking excuse for a hospital.

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