Sunday, April 2, 2017

Think Bike... Errr no think CAR!

 This week saw the start of a campaign to cut cycling deaths with the "Think Bike" slogan... The problem is really it's cyclists who want to "Think Car" if you think about logically.
 You see they are the ones in danger, not me, if I hit a cyclist in my car my suspicion is I'm going to come off best. A ton and a half of ford traveling at 30mph  v a lightweight mountain biker traveling at 12 mph, OK  lets do the maths, I have speed and mass on my side of the equation, he has ... Well Lycra, and in maths it's just doesn't cut it compared to my bumper.
 The other part of the problem is cyclists want to be taken seriously as road users, yet for the most part they flout the rules of the road then expect other motorists to "protect" them.
 So here's a few thoughts cyclists.
 Use lights at night, ride on the cycle path where there is one, not alongside it on the road holding up the much faster traffic because your a bloody minded idiot.  Stop for red lights like other proper motorists.  One way streets apply to you too, as do pedestrian precincts, the clue there is in the word pedestrian...  Maybe then other motorists (the ones YOU want to look out for you) would treat you with more respect on the road.
 Then  maybe you'll stop becoming Lycra organ donors...

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