Monday, April 17, 2017

Doctor Who is back.... (review)

 Doctor Who is back yeah!... oh wait, it's utter shit!  Arghhhh!!!!!!

 Yes Doctor Who returned to our screens this weekend after a year off was it worth it?  No is the short answer.
 Staring the bloody awful Peter Crap-aldi as the Doctor with 17 different hairstyles. Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts and Matt Lucas and Nardole.  Mackie seems to spend most of the time with a vacant expression , Crap-ildi is just hopeless, and Lucas steals the show with the best acting ability and the best lines.
 This first episode is about a deadly puddle, yes as a series it's gone downhill faster than a Olympic bobsled.  Helped downhill by poor scripts, terrible acting, and ludicrous stories.

Waynes rating 1/10 give it a miss and bang your head against a wall for more entrainment

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