Thursday, September 10, 2015

Treasure Quest: Snake Island (Discovery channel) spolier alert !!!

 Well like more or less all the programs on Discovery you won't discover much watching this.  A Team go to snake island looking for hidden treasure, after spending ages looking for signs someone might have been on the island at the right time they finally go and start looking on the island itself.
 Snake island is called that because it is infested with golden lance head pit vipers, and I mean infested! These are really dangerous snakes so there is real danger here.  The problem is like all the other programs that pass as documentary these days there's lot of added drama, at the end of each episode is a climax building thriller bit of excitement....   Sadly it turns out to be nothing but a load of crap at the beginning of the next episode.
 The other problem is the program is a total waste of time, they don't find the treasure, to be honest I'd be surprised if this lot could find their own bath never mind treasure.
 Great if you want to see snakes and hear people shout snake every 45 seconds, rubbish if you expect to see treasure.
 Theres also far too much padding, clips of people going to bed, a LOT of people taking to camera, lots of shots of people arses as they walk up hills.  Visits to a house and carnaval.... Come on it's supposed to be TREASURE quest, not boring quest!

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