Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ed Stafford into the unknown

 Well what have we learned from watching this program... And keeping in mind it's Discovery I wasn't hopeful.

We've learned Ed is easily the most boring man in the world, he's so boring fish throw themselves onto fires to escape him talking.

We've learned Ed is about as good at survival at Polar bears are at making skyscrapers.

We've learned he's too stupid to take a proper big water bag to the hottest place on earth.

We've learned not to trust Ed with our camels (he lost his on the first day).

We've learned that he didn't need to walk for 3 days in the desert to find the "black dots" the local people could have told him exactly what they were, and did when he returned.

Most importantly we've learned you don't need to watch the whole program, just watch the last five minutes and you'll see the mystery object the rest of us have spent 55 more minutes waiting for.

Too be fair for Discovery we have actually learned something from this program.... That it's best to go to the pub on a Saturday evening instead of watching their crap programs!

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