Friday, September 25, 2015

The beach and dogs....

 I went for a quiet wander on the local beach this morning... Well that was the plan, it wasn't exactly quiet though.
 You see the problem was loads of dog owners had thought the same thing.  Now that shouldn't be a problem.  Dogs are not allowed on the beach until the end of this month (a few days) so they shouldn't even be on the beach in the first place.
 Trouble is not only are there hoards of dog on the beach, they are all off their leads. So as well as dogs barking and fighting we have owners shouting "comehere boy!" at the tops of their voices.
 Seriously it was beyond a joke, a steel foundry would have been quieter, indeed a steel foundry having a male voice choir shouting battle would have been quieter.  It was bloody ridiculous.
 The other thing I noticed was as I tried to avoid the dog owners by walking around them they almost all walked towards me for no good reason, they would change course and just walk towards someone obviously trying to avoid them, weird or what?
 Presumably they all wanted to make a new friend, I don't think it occured to any of them that I'd rather set the silly bastards on fire than be their new friend. 
 I've said it here before, if you see me out and about obviously minding my own business, leave me alone. Now this doesn't apply to my mates, but total strangers look out!  You've been warned!.  I do not want a new friend, especially one with the IQ of a fucking biro.

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