Monday, September 7, 2015

Pen y Fan evening walk

An evening walk up Pen y fan (the highest point in south wales) and a sunset from the top.  That was the plan, didn't quite go to that way though.

 Starting at the Storey arms go over the stle and up the path, at the top of the first ridge I tun left off the path and go along the fence line untill I come to this stile.

Go over the stile and bearing slightly left follow the rough track/sheep path around the rim, keeping to the high ground, this avoids dropping down into the valley and having to climb back up, yes it's longer but a lot easier. Trust me I've done it hundreds of times.
Infront and to your right you have this view of Pen y fan and corn du.

   As you come further around the view changes slightly, at this point the weather started changing.

The path now is on the edge of the rim, so take a bit of care.

After a short distance you'll come to Tommy Jones memorial stone, Tommy was a young lad who got lost and died at that spot in 1900.  Heres the stone with Pen y fan and corn du behind it.

And here it's looking back roughly toward Brecon.

You can see the weather changing and low cloud coming in. Looking up toward the top of Corn du.

Now looking back towards Brecon and the lake.

 And looking towards Fan Fawr (roughly)

Back to the path to the top of Corn du, now getting steeper, and some mist/low cloud blowing across the top.

 The mist low cloud getting thicker.

 Looking back down towards the lake and Brecon.

Getting closer to the top of Corn du the cloud is looking great.

And now looking right around the side of Corn du

 Coming up onto the top of Corn du. The mist below.
At this point the clouds/mist are in the valley but rising  Heres my sunset.

 Finally it covered the top, heres the edge of Corn du, carefull where you step, thats about a 600 foot drop.
 Now it's down over the back of Corun du onto the saddle between the two peaks. Mist is worse here, this is looking back towards the sun, it's a big drop on the right so carefull.

Finally the sun peeps through the side of the saddle.
Now onto the top of Pen y fan, now covered in low cloud. And the highest point in south Wales.

Time for a sit down, mars bar and some water and back down, it's after sunset and quite gloomy and getting cold. The saddle going back down, here it's a left turn at the fork for a different way down.

Following the path on the right is the back of Corn du.
Then looking back towards pen y fan I see the cloud/mist clearing.... Bugger!

At the junction turn right downhill and follow the path to the Pont y daf car park, from there it's a short walk along the road to the storey arm and finish.

About half way down is this sign  with Corn du just about visible in the background.(getting quite dark by now.

 Note I've been up and down all the paths around these mountains for years, I know exactly where I am even in the dark or a total whiteout (and I've been in one) I also know what to carry and just how bad it can get, I've seen -20 in winter and 4 foot of snow, not funny.  SAS soldiers have died here in winter (and sadly summer too recently) So please take care if you go walking.

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