Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Well done Mr Trevor Bankhead!

Law student Euan Coulthard age 19 from Durham went missing near the river on January 14th. After a police search failed to find him an ex soldier Trevor Bankhead traveled from the western isles of Scotland to help the search.  Mr Bankhead now a diver decided to search the river, police had decided not to because of the safety of their divers,  After less than a minutes searching Mr bankhead found the body Of Euan Coulthard. Police divers later recovered the body (now apparently it's safe for them to go into the water).  
Frankly I think it's appalling that a civilian diver has to come hundreds of miles at his own expense to help a family recover their sons body.  The police have trained divers, or so they claim, yet a civi on his own was fine in water their dive team couldn't go in, and worse they went in after being shown up by Mr Bankhead.
Time to disband that dive team I think, just pay Mr Trevor Bankhead to come and find any missing bodies, he'll be a hell of a lot quicker, probably cheaper and he will at least do the job he's paid to do.

Well done Mr Bankhead, you have helped bring closer to Mr Coulthards family, something to be proud of. I salute you.

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