Monday, January 12, 2015

Celebrity big brother reaches a new low.

Celebrity big brother reaches a new low this week, something of an achievement in itself

First  the so called celebrity Jeremy Jackson, best remembered from being in Baywatch 16 years ago another A list celeb then!. Has been cautioned by police for common assault after pulling Chloe Goodman  ( a model)  top down and reveling her breasts. Chloe best known for being in MTV's ex on the beach (last year) So known by a few teenagers then.
Then  Ken Morley famous for being in Corination street 10 years ago was chucked out for using the N word.
Other contestants inclued Patsy Kensit best know for being in Emmerdale 9 years ago.
Alexander O'Neal best known for his no 1 hit (in the US) fake in 1987
Nadis Sawalha, best remembered for being in Eastenders 6 years ago and Loose women 2 years ago.
Cami Li, a model.
Anthony Kavanagh best remembered for 2 top 10 hits in 1997.
Chloe Goodman, a Cheryl Cole look-a-like.
Calum Best, best know as George bests son.
Alica Douvall, another model.
Perez Hilton a celebrity blogger.
Michelle Visage, a presenter in a drag racing reality program. 
Keith Chegwin, best know for his work on C4's big breasfast 15 years ago.
Katie Hopkins, an Apprentice winner in 2006.

Wow they really got all the big stars here then, bloody hell, most of these couldn't get a job opening a supermarket.  Not what most people call celebrities thats for sure.

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