Monday, July 4, 2016

Swansea bay airshow

 I took a load of pics of this event, I just haven't had time to go through them properly, not helped by being the poor mans answer to the samaritans and spending most of the weekend getting a brain tumour from being on the phone constantly.

Please note, if your depressed lonely, bored or just need someone to talk too please call he proper samaritans 01792 655999 and not me, because frankly I'm getting bored listening to people whinging about how awful their lives are while I sit here bored watching my dinner go cold.
 Yes I know it's terrible to have problems, but we all have problems, mine is not getting any peace over the weekend.....

 Anyway the photos, I've just picked a few more or less at random and bunged them through my resize action.
 I've no idea what the top picture aircraft is, the rest are the Red Arrows, a Mig 15 and a Spitfire and  hurricane (not as claimed on Wales today 2 spitfires)

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