Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Olympics are coming...

 Yes the Olympics are coming.... Oh Yeah!!  Oh crap!   The silly nonsense has already invaded all the tv adverts, "Fred Blogs butcher, supplier to the Olympic games" etc etc etc.
 Frankly I'm sick of hearing the word Olympics already and the bloody games haven't even started yet, God help us when it starts, it'll be news from the Olympics (bugger all about the rest of the world) Weather for the Olympics, doesn't matter if you don't happen to be in Rio (as most of us wont  be) Oh no, as long as it's got the word Olympics mentioned every 12 seconds they'll be happy.
 Whether holding the games in a country that hasn't finished the facilities yet, and the ones they have "finished" are falling apart, in a country so crime ridden it makes Colombia look like Brighton was a good idea in the first place I don't know.  Personally I suspect this games is going to go down in history for all the wrong reasons.
 Then theres the Zika virus, you can't protect yourself with any vaccines (there arn't any) and very little treatment if your unlucky enough to catch it. So good luck with that one.

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