Thursday, June 1, 2017

Swanseas looking even rougher than usual.

 I had to go to my dentist in Swansea yesterday. As I had time I spent an hour or so people watching. 
 Well first the good news. The number of down and outs is way down, I did see a few but there wasnt anything like as many as last time I was there.
 Then the bad new, the police seem in short supply too, I did see one but that it it in the city centre over a few hours. Doesn't seem enough to me in our troubled times.
 Swansea also starting to look rougher than usual. Ok it was never a pretty city. Indeed Paul Durden (co writer of the film twin town) called it a pretty shitty city, and he was right (I've met Paul lots of time back in the day)
 Anyway heres a pic from yesterday, just a shot on the gopro. (might do a series on this theme)

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