Friday, October 2, 2015

Cyclists.... yet again.

I do wonder sometimes how any cyclists are still alive. In the last week I've seen countless "ninja" cyclists (no lights and dark clothing at night) I've seen a few stealth cyclists (no lights at night) And quite a lot of twat cyclists, riding the wrong way down the middle of a one way street, riding through red traffic lights, riding up a very busy main road texting with both hands. 
 What the hell is wrong with these people? Don't they have any common sense, or is it removed by Halfords when they buy the bloody bike.
 It's really time the police took some action, telling car driver the "think bike" isn't going to help, if you go around a corner and theres a cyclist going like hell on the wrong side of the road he's the one who needs to be thinking "car".
 So come on cyclists, please start being safe, buy a bloody light, the pound shop sells them for... £1, even someone on a tight budget can afford that, or is your life only worth 50p?

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